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Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (Ohio) hasn’t attracted much major media attention for his presidential campaign. But he has been steadily and effectively working the left wing of the Democratic base with a message of total withdrawal from Iraq and a complete reordering of public spending priorities.

As a result, Kucinich’s may last longer than some of the bigger campaigns. Thousands of people have given him money, most of it in contributions of $250 or less — totally matchable by the federal campaign fund.

How much are we talking about?

“The rapidly expanding Kucinich campaign receives a higher percentage of its contributions in small donations than does any other campaign,” his staff said in a statement last week, “and processing the many small contributions takes time.” But the Ohio House member has already filed for $3.34 million in matching funds, and promises that he will be laying claim to more.

Kucinich raised about $5 million in 2003, and expects matching funds to take him to about $9 million. He is spending frugally. And he is raising more.

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