Apple’s iTunes Music Store (iTMS) is a very cool user experience. I have discovered a lot of new songs this weekend and bought a few to sync into my iPod. If you don’t have an iPod, you should get one. They are great.

Anyway, one of the neat new things with the iTMS is you can get music recommendations from singers. John Mayer, Alice Cooper, Sarah McLachlan, Ben Folds, Ryan Adams, Kevin Bacon even, have recommended music lists.

Very cool.

Tonight I discovered some guy who is considered a Rock artist, but doesn’t sound much like it. Rufus Wainwright — heard of him? I never had, but he’s got a lot of stuff out. Anyway, he has a very beautiful song called “Natasha.”

I had a dear friend named Natasha who killed herself just before Thanksgiving. She wasn’t so much a friend as much as an experience — an experience I’ll dearly and deeply miss.

I’m glad I discovered the song.

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