John Kerry ma pull it off.

Four Democrats are locked in a tight race to the finish in Iowa one day before Monday’s presidential caucuses, with John Kerry clinging to a narrow lead, according to a Reuters/MSNBC/Zogby poll released Sunday.

Kerry led Howard Dean 24.4 percent to 23.1 percent in the three-day tracking poll, with Richard Gephardt at 18.8 percent and John Edwards at 18.4 percent in the tightest Iowa caucus campaign in history.

Monday night’s caucuses are the first test in the Democratic race to pick a challenger to President Bush, and Dean and Gephardt had battled for the top spot in polls in the state for months.

But Kerry, a Massachusetts senator, and Edwards, a North Carolina senator, roared in to join them over the last week as Iowa Democrats took a fresh look at the candidates and whether they could beat Bush in November.

Kerry and Edwards have momentum and Dean and Gephardt have organization. But, Kerry does have a good organization too, which looks like it will help him

Bob Novak is just saying that the really important poll question is the 2nd choice question. In that question, Kerry is way ahead.