In Defense Of Walmart

I hate Walmart. I despise Walmart. It is an awful shopping experience generally staffed by the dregs of society who can’t get hired at K-Mart. The whole trip to Walmart leaves me mad, frustrated, and with sore feet. I go to Target unless I absolutely have to go to Walmart as if my life depends on it. I have to go there today, so I’ll be hitting the bourbon soon to relax me. (Trivia: Of the 30+ indigent defendants I’ve represented in the past three years of my law practice, more than 10 have been employed at Walmart)

That said, I hear that up north the Walmarts are better run with better employees. Also, I don’t fault them for keeping most of their staff part time. They’re instilling in people a work ethic they wouldn’t otherwise have. The staff get a line on their resume and can then advance. Prices are kept low so people with small children won’t go bankrupt on diapers.

All in all, Walmart fills a void in the economy and job force. James at OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY has more on the criticisms of Walmart not offering insurance to part time workers.