I incorporate a lot of businesses. I have started using standard articles of incorporation. I fill in the name of the company, incorporators, the initial board, and initial shareholders and my secretary does the rest. I have a standard Article III in the Articles that lists me as the registered agent for the companies and my street address for service of a lawsuit.

I sent off five separate ones on January 12th. Today I got all five back. All five were reviewed by the same person in the Secretary of State’s office. Four of them were approved. One was denied.

The one that was denied had a “deficiency notice” stating that I failed to list a registered agent at the designated registered office.

Here now is the text of Article III of my Articles of Incorporation. It is identical in all five of the ones I got back today:

Article III

Registered Office and Agent

The initial registered office of the corporation shall be [my street address]. The initial registered agent at that address shall be Erick-Woods Erickson.

So I call the lady who rejected it and asked. “Oh,” she said laughingly, “I just wasn’t paying attention. It must have been a bad day that day.”

Well, thanks. Would you please call my client who is pissed off that y’all have taken weeks to do something that usually has a 48 hour turn around period and explain to him that it wasn’t my screw up?!