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The New York Times is looking at the President’s marriage initiative. The article contains this bit of liberal heresy, but I guess it is okay since it is attributed to liberals:

In the last few years, some liberals have also expressed interest in marriage-education programs. They say a growing body of statistical evidence suggests that children fare best, financially and emotionally, in married two-parent families.

What next. Will the Times dare to say that a mother staying at home while the father works is even better?!

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  • Erick,

    As you know, I just had a baby, and Stephanie stays home with her. I told her back when decided to have her, that she would quit her job and take care of her, and I’d work 2 jobs if necessary (I actually do have 2, but just for extra money to buy a house). I would not have had a baby (or even stayed with her) if she was a career type. I know that sounds old-fashioned, and to some women, outrageous, but I wanted Emily to be with Mom all the time, not some day care. Regardless of what liberals say, having two parents, one woman and one man, with the mother staying home, is by far and away the best way to raise a baby.

  • Being cared for by your parent rather than going to daycare is the ideal solution. That’s why both my brother-in-laws stay at home with the kids while my sisters go to work.

    After all, my sisters make more than their husbands did. I’m not being smug on this one – their husbands both made more than I do as a programmer.

    Assuming that Mom can always do a better job at home than Dad is as silly as assuming that Dad can always do a better job at work than Mom can. Beliefs to the contrary are very popular in certain dry, dusty parts of northern Africa.

    Open your mind, and watch your language. Of course, one big drawback of a very open mind is that many people will try to throw in a lot of garbage. . .

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