Good For The Goose, But Avoid The Gander

G looks at the Plame scandal that isn’t.

FBI investigators looking into the criminal leak of a CIA agent’s identity have asked Bush Administration officials including senior political adviser Karl Rove to release reporters from any confidentiality agreements regarding conversations about the agent. If signed, the single-page requests made over the last week would give investigators new ammunition for questioning reporters who have so far, according to those familiar with the case, not disclosed the names of administration officials who divulged that Valerie Plame, wife of former ambassador Joe Wilson, worked for the CIA.

Of course, the people who could easily tell who the leaker is, the reporters, will not be asked. This is a non-scandal driven by the media that started the scandal. They will come out looking worse than the administration if anyone pays attention, so the media also has an interest in not flaring the story up too much.

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