German students are set to protest underfunding of education. I could be wrong, but I think this
might actually encourage more decreases in funding — depending on how the electric synthesizer background music sounds:

German students are making a porn movie as a protest against underfunding.

The money raised by the film will be used to help subsidise the fees of those who can’t otherwise finance a university education.

It comes after Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder recently challenged students to “use their initiative” to pay their education fees.

Ethics student Mara Schneider, 22 from Leipzig, plays Chantal in the film she made with her 27-year-old boyfriend Rene.

She says it is a “passionate demonstration” against education reforms and will go on sale in Leipzig next week.

Students have led month-long protests, including naked demonstrations and office sit-ins, against the Chancellor’s new reforms which include the introduction of tuition fees, the creation of elite universities and budget cuts.

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