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After much thought, I’m going to have to revise the whole Edwards thing. In my last rankings, I dropped Edwards into the “no way in hell” category. I’m moving him back up.

He’s been the sleeper candidate the whole campaign. He has refused to get off the high road. He is new face. His campaign has been dismal, but while everyone is self destructing, he keeps on trucking. I’m putting him ahead of Gephardt. Today, Edwards also picked up the newspaper endorsement in Iowa.

At the same time, Dean has been in the probably category all by himself. I’m moving Wes Clark into the maybe category with him. I think, right now, the media is making Clark the Dean alternative. Clark, I don’t think, has done much himself, but the media looks as Dean as yesterday’s news and Clark as today’s news.

Remember, the folks are ranked in order of closest to getting the nomination.
So, here we go:





No Way In Hell:
Marvin the Martian
Mosely Braun

In other news, I’ve moved Sharpton ahead of Marvin the Martian. Sharpton will probably do well in the D.C. primary. It will get him some positive coverage he otherwise would not get.

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