One more from Jay Nordlinger’s Impromptus on National Review Online:

A Harvard student wrote me the following:

“A few weeks ago the premier of China came to speak here and was interrupted by a single protester with a Tibetan flag. (Someone actually mentioned this on NRO, I believe.) Well, I just discovered that this girl is now facing disciplinary action by the university. This is my fifth year at Harvard [the writer was an undergrad at the school and is now doing something else] and I have watched the administration do nothing to eject the loud mob of ‘Progressive Student Labor Organization’ protesters who disrupted all of Harvard Yard for an entire month. I have seen nearly every conservative speaker at every Harvard school booed and harassed with no consequences. And I myself have been jeered at and called a ‘pig’ by an assembled group of College Democrats while simply walking into a building where the undergrad Republican organization was having a meeting. All of this the university has allowed in defense of free speech, but one girl waves a flag at a dictator and she’s going before the Administrative Board. I have never been so disgusted to be a student here.”

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