Julia Gorin has a column at this morning’s Opinion Journal on the “Semi-Semites,” all the partial Jews running for President. “The race is on. Not for the presidency, but for the Jewish presidency, and the Jewish vote,” she writes.

As I was driving in this morning, I heard the local radio talk show discussing this sort of thing. Here in Macon a prominent lady in town has been condemned by the mayor (an expert at racial politics) for making a comment about scalping in reference to a trip to Oklahoma. The mayor said the remarks were racially insensitive and demeaning to Indians (he didn’t say Native Americans).

One of the responses has been that the lady in question is party Indian. I’m waiting for Hillary Clinton to say she is part Indian too, but East Indian, after that Ghandi joke flap.

I find it humorous that everyone is running away from the race by which they have lived towards one that gives them cover for something. That is the problem with affirmative action and all the other assorted varieties of racial preferences we have established. A large portion of the country never has to confront the problem when they can hide behind a race or ethnic background and use it as an excuse or tool for advancement.