So the Mirror is reporting that Prince Charles wanted to kill Diana.

PRINCE Charles is the person Princess Diana claimed in a letter wanted to kill her, the Mirror sensationally reveals today.

Before she died in a car crash, Diana wrote: “My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury…to make the path clear for him to marry.”

She gave the note to butler Paul Burrell who revealed its existence in the Mirror last year. Charles’s name was blanked out. Burrell has been asked to hand the document to the coroner who today opens the inquest into Diana’s death.

Burrell said: “It has fulfilled its purpose. I wanted to give force to the argument that an inquest must be held.”

I doubt that it is true. Before we go further, you should know I’m a big Anglophile and pretty up on the whole royal family thing. Ask my wife.

We know from news reports that Diana was increasingly paranoid until her death.

We know that Paul Burrell hates the royal family because of the trial he went through.

We know that Paul Burrell is a self promotor.

We know that Paul Burrell is particularly angry with Prince Charles and Prince William for Williams public attack on him and Charles backing William up.

We know that Diana was a collector of royal gossip and that she thought the world revolved around her and everything was, in some way, related to her.

We also know that the Mirror is a tabloid that is virulently anti-monarchy and has tried repeatedly to generate scandal in hopes of crushing the monarchy. It is a leftist rag.

I think we can conclude that this is a non-story generated to hurt the royals and sell papers.