I don’t know if Bill Clinton actually wants to ruin the Democratic nominee this year. I don’t. If I had to give an honest guess, I’d say that he wants a Democrat elected now. He wants Hillary to not go to the White House because he wants to be the top dog.

But, I may have to change that opinion. It is increasingly likely in the gossip circles (see e.g. Cindy Adams today) that Clinton will get his tome out at the end of the summer, right as things are heating up. So, the focus will be off John Kerry, the most likely nominee, and on Clinton.

Why is that bad? Won’t that just make people fond of the Democrats being in power? I doubt it. Why? Because while my New Hampshire sources aren’t reliable, I have some who are reliable. And they assure me that at the same time Clinton’s book hits the stands, other books will come out by other people that will seek to turn the focus from his legacy of nation building and AIDS and lifting people out of poverty (stop laughing Ramesh) to Watergate and Monica-gate and Mark Rich. Some of these books are most likely already printed and tucked away in a warehouse a short drive outside New York City just waiting for Clinton’s book to come out.

So, the focus will be on sleaze and scandal and sex and not John Kerry.

You see, this isn’t about Hillary or the Democrats – this is about Bill Clinton. You and I are just the spectators. It’s like “The Truman Show,” but with Bill instead of Jim Carrey.

He doesn’t care if it takes the focus off Kerry while Bush’s millions are beating the hell out of Kerry. Clinton only cares about himself.

As Mark A. Kilmer would point out, if Clinton were such a great strategist, why did the Democrats lose Congress in 1994 and the White House in 2000?

It’s not the Clinton legacy project; it is the Clinton Vanity Project.