Well, the Los Angeles Times has decided that Deanovich will, in fact, become the leader of the Politburo, err… nominee of the DNC. As a result, it is now trying to paint him as a centrist.

Dean’s 11-year record as governor suggests he is much more a pragmatist on environmental issues than an ideologue, a centrist who often catered to business interests first, addressing the accompanying environmental concerns later. And his focus on a few pet environmental projects — while largely ignoring others — left some here feeling that Dean lacked a broad vision for the environment.

“In Vermont, the environment is a consideration in almost everything we do. We hold our leaders to a high standard,” said Mark Sinclair, senior attorney at the Conservation Law Foundation, a New England environmental group considered to be moderate. “But [Dean] failed to show real leadership on most environmental issues [and] missed a lot of opportunities. He is portraying himself as being a lot greener today than he was, in action, as governor of Vermont.”

Don’t you love the way they do this. “Hey, Deanovich isn’t too liberal. He’s just like those damn Republicans when it comes to the environment, so you conservatives should rest your weary worried heads.”

Now, that’s reassuring.