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Dean a Resounding Winner in ‘Money Primary’ reports the Los Angeles Times.

With more than $40 million now raised in his run for the White House, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean posted a resounding victory Wednesday in the yearlong dash for cash among Democratic presidential candidates, cementing his status as the contender to beat in the race.

For all the importance of the Jan. 19 Iowa caucuses and the Jan. 27 New Hampshire primary, some analysts say the results of the “money primary” in the year before a presidential election are an even better guide to who will become the nominee. Since 1980, no major-party candidate who led in donations received by Jan. 1 of an election year has failed to clinch the nomination.

The most important point made in the article is buried several paragraphs down.

As his fundraising has surged, Dean’s support among Democratic elected officials also has increased. On Wednesday, Rep. Pete Stark of Hayward became the 29th member of Congress to endorse Dean. Gephardt leads in such endorsements, with 34.

I don’t think endorsements mean too much usually, but they give Dean a credibility he would not otherwise have. You expect Gephardt to be endorsed by House members. For Dean to get 29 so far is really very good for him.

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