Well, the Kerry Boys, etc. have had some fun with Dean. First, they got the New York Times to question why Dean’s wife was not on the campaign trail. Then, no doubt with Clinton’s help, they pulled out Dean’s unilateral action in Bosnia memo. Now, with the help of ABC News, they have the battered wife affidavit allegation. All of this is to help further slow the Dean momentum and confirm that it is on the negative trajectory. Dean may not make it out of this thing.

Of course, Kerry is dreaming that he will make it out with the nomination. I don’t trust the Zogby poll that shows Kerry ahead. For one thing, I haven’t seen the question asked. Also, it appears from other reports that it is a likely voter pool. I haven’t seen how the likely voter pool is defined.

But, we know for certain that for several days the stories have been that Gephardt, Edwards, and Dean were in the lead. If Kerry was making real traction upwards as Zogby shows I would think it would be bigger news that Kerry’s team would be whispering loudly.