Jay Nordlinger is Davosing. Today he looks at a speech John Ashcroft gave. Ashcroft recited some facts I never knew, but do make sense. Take a look:

Ashcroft delivers a forceful indictment of corruption in office. When officials take bribes, the “invisible hand of the market” is replaced by the “greased palm” — a very nice line. Because of corruption, schools and roads don’t get built, and the people’s needs are unmet. Corruption “strangles the culture of productivity” (another good line). Each year, according to the attorney general, public corruption costs the world $2.3 trillion, or 7 percent of the world’s economy, or the equivalent of the entire U.S. budget (and that’s saying something, observes Ashcroft). And whom does corruption hurt more than anybody else? The poor.

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