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I’m a member of Club For Growth. This attack they have launched against Dean is a bad idea. Steve Moore says that CFG is not a Bush campaign tool, they do what they believe is in their best interest. They say that having two rational parties is in the best interest of everyone. They will therefore try to stop Dean now.

That, I think is penny wise and pound foolish (to use an expression I loath). Any Democrat is going to be more against CFG’s positions than Bush. But, the farther to the left the Democrat is, the more likely it is for Bush and conservatives in general to appear moderate and beneficial, therefore the more likely for a conservative to get elected.

In the supposed 50/50 nation, having a Democrat that appeals to the fringe will make it more likely that a Republican, who is more favorable to CFG than a Dem, gets elected.

I think I’ll refrain for the next little while in sending money to CFG — just so my money isn’t out there attacking Dean in the primary.

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