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I grew up in the Middle East. It was a rule of thumb over there that when you flew to the West, always fly KLM, Sabena, Lufstansa, or, in particular, Air France. Why? The joke was that all the terrorists flew on Air France for travel, so you’d never have to worry about a hijacking, bombing, etc.

Apparently, that still goes on judging by press reports. All I can say is, when it got safer to fly, my family regularly flew British Airways. One time my dad got over 400,000 miles in a year with them.

Air France was like the heart of Paris in the air. The people were rude, the stewardesses were hairy, and the plane smelled like a cross between wine and dog pee. Unlike France, the food was crap too. I remember my sisters and I got rolls with our meal one time. The rolls were rock hard. You could not penetrate them with a knife.

It’s a horrible airline fit only for terrorists to accumulate frequent flier miles.

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