A while back the Washington Times featured an article with comments from some conservatives in Washington about how dissatisfied they were with spending by the Administration. I agreed, but was not ready to walk. I’m still not. Today, John Fund looks at the CPAC conference and gets a sense that more conservatives are considering heading for the doors:

White House aides were busy calling reporters last week disputing that record. They argue that President Clinton’s last budget authorized a massive spending increase as he left office. True enough, but Mr. Bush has never tried to rescind any of those increases. They also point out that much of the spending increase can be linked to the exceptional budget needs of homeland security and the war in Iraq. Also true, but as National Journal points out, “a policy isn’t exceptional if it goes on forever.” Besides, controllable federal spending outside defense and terrorism protection went up more than 11% last year–double the rate it increased under Bill Clinton.