There are a lot of folks out there thinking of abandoning Bush. I have considered it. I have weighed the alternatives. Without more than a simple outline, below is my thinking.

Why I Am Fed Up With Bush

He is spending money like a socialist.

Farm Bill
NEA Increase
Proposed Energy Bill

His amnesty plan that he won’t call an amnesty plan is extremely flawed. Whether he is sincere in his beliefs about it, or is trying to capture the hispanic vote, as it is proposed it is a bad idea.
He acts like he takes conservatives for granted. Conservatives are to the GOP what black voters are to the Democrats.

Why I’ll Still Actively Support and Vote for Bush

Democrats think the war on terror is a police/law and order issue.

Bush understands that it is a real war.
Bush is not afraid to act unilaterally and/or disrupt old alliances if our national interests so demand.

Bush recognizes evil as evil and is not afraid to call it by name.
He is a man of faith and his faith centered life guides him with a steady hand.
Bush understands that business is not the enemy of the people; it is the fountain of most national wealth and the hand that more often than not lifts people from poverty through empowerment in the free marketplace.
His judicial nominees are true conservatives.
Bush does what he says and shoots straight, whether or not I like it.
He fills government with conservatives, even though he fails to act like one sometimes.
Bush can be trusted.

Now is too important to not vote or waste my vote in a protest. The winner will either be a Democrat or a Republican. I’d rather a Republican than a Democrat. Republicans will not surrend and call it multilateral cooperation.

Well, those are my thoughts. Do with them what you will.