DRUDGE REPORT 2004® has the scoop on Wesley Clark speaking before Congress advocating unilateral action in Iraq.

Less than 18 months ago, Wesley Clark offered his testimony before the Committee On Armed Services at the U.S. House Of Representatives.

“There’s no requirement to have any doctrine here. I mean this is simply a longstanding right of the United States and other nations to take the actions they deem necessary in their self defense,” Clark told Congress on September 26, 2002.

So, the questions we must now ask are:
1. Who leaked it.
2. What all did they send out (is the transcript it?) and what else is out there like it.
3. Where has the transcript been hiding. Burlington? Boston?
4. (When) Will this make an impact in New Hampshire and keep Clark from creeping up?
5. Why leak it now?

My guess is that Dean’s folks did this. Though the fingerprints are Kerry’s because of the Washington connection. Dean wants to be THE antiwar candidate. Clark has been picking up some support that would go to Dean because of his antiwar stance. This could change all of that.

My fall back is on Kerry, which at first glance is the more credible choice. He can’t permit Clark to be number 2 in New Hampshire. Kerry needs that. This news is probably intended to send Clark into disarray and make his appear much more the waffler.

As a final suggestion, it could be the Republicans trying to help Dean out.