Yes, I Said War


I’m pessimistic when it comes to Europe. I think they are setting themselves up for another war. Sure, it is twenty to thirty years away, but approaching nonetheless. It will be much like our civil war, though less bloody. The Franco-German alliance will fight the Eastern European countries, Britain, Italy, and Spain.

The reason this will happen is because they don’t think war is possible. The elites think only barbarian Americans go to war. So they will advance and bully, advance and bully, and push the Eastern European countries into a corner. Having thrown off the yoke of communism, the East Euros will will not want to be as tightly bound in the European straight jacket as the Franco-German alliance wants.

When they push back, Franco-German will try to smack them back into an elitest reality. The elites will perceive their dream is crumbling and try to defend it. The elites, not thinking war will ever come will cross the line between peaceful and military actions not truly realizing they have (because only Americans would cross that line). By then it will be too late.

I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

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