George Will has a great column on America’s favorite Commisar, Howard Deanovich:

Arthur Goldberg was a fine public servant — secretary of labor, Supreme Court justice, ambassador to the United Nations — but a dreadful candidate for governor of New York in 1970, when it was said that if he gave one more speech he would lose Canada, too. Howard Dean is becoming Goldbergean.

Regarding foreign policy, Dean recently said not only that America is no safer because Saddam is captured, but that America is “no safer today than the day the planes struck the World Trade Center.” Well. He says he supported the war to remove the Taliban in Afghanistan, although he thinks it made us no safer. And even though he says the war in Iraq made us no safer, he says he would “not have hesitated” to attack Iraq if the U.N. had given us “permission.”

My favorite part of the column is this:

Dean is why there is both good and bad news for Democrats in Newsweek’s latest presidential poll. The good news is that George W. Bush is in a 46-46 dead heat when matched against an unnamed Democrat. The bad news is that the Democratic nominee will have, among other problematic attributes, a name, probably Dean’s.

That about sums it up. Accurately.