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Here in Macon, we are all gearing up for the Malachi York trial. Mr. York is the leader of the Nuwabians who have claimed to be indians, Egyptians, Muslims, Christians, and from another planet.

He’s charged with racketeering and 200 counts of child molestation.

His supporters dress as Egyptians, Masons, Indians, etc. They are are cult.

Right now I can hear them beating drums from my office, right up the street from the federal courthouse. Luckily, the federal judge has moved the trial to the beach, about four hours away from here. The man is suing everyone and he and his supporters are nuts.

If you want a good laugh, read about it all here.

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  • this man is all our saviors he is here to guide us back on the path of truth we humans think we know everything about life and we dont so if you have an open mind you will see that he is here to help this man was sent by jesus read your bibles and find out who and what he is dr, malichi york has change my life and he can changr your life the hole world will have to learn one day about this being oneday

  • A single human shold not be judgeing any sole as mentioned in the bible however Before you make any opinion or statements you should list all facts and not just judge someone on hear say.The media and the government has a history for switing the story around to what they want the public to believe in their eyes!It all boils down to this; The government does not agree with anything or anyone who does say yes master. As long as the government is getting a piece of your pie regardless if it is legal or illeagal they dont fuck with you. If your not paying the government or bowing down to their beliefs regardless of who you are and what your doing you are in danger of them playing tricks and word games with you and your family and everything you live for!Don’t be fooled read, learn, study all facts and most importantly take a look at your self before you try to judge!!!

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