The New York Times has an interesting article on Dean For America’s attempts to take an internet grassroots movement and turn it into an on the ground political force.

[T]he directives coming to local net-based groups from campaign headquarters in Burlington, Vt., have become increasingly strategic: In September, supporters were urged to practice talking about why they supported Dr. Dean. In October, they were urged to write letters to officials. In November, Dean supporters in various states were assigned sister counties in Iowa and urged to write to individuals there. In December, they were linked by conference calls to the people they had contacted.

Interestingly, I am inclined to think this effort is not going to be as successful as they would hope. The Democrat’s core constiuency less internet oriented than Republicans. Internet surveys usually show that the internet attracts more middle class Republicans than Democrats.

I think this is reflected in the groups Dean has attracted. Read the article and most of the people mentioned are white liberal teacher types. Not the ones most likely the stir favorable sentiments in the black community — yet the bulk of the Democrat’s internet constituency. Even Zephyr Teachout looks like a typical college campus feminist movement volunteer.

I bet she helps out NARAL or Planned Parenthood in the off year elections.

Another thing. Her name, Zephyr. Who names their kid Zephyr. [Ed.–Who the hell names their kid Erick-Woods Erickson with a compound first name?] A 60’s hippie type with kids who thing Katie Couric is a modern feminist hero.


[Ed. — You’re not Mickey Kaus. Stop with this Ed crap.]