To Hell With Them


Radley Balko over at the Agitator makes a very persuasive libertarian case for opening contracts to everyone. From a market perspective, he’s right. His argument is here.

This is where I break off from my normal free market leanings. We have a pool of countries to choose from so we will get a better price than if we went in alone. Granted, we won’t get the best price because the larger the pool of possible contracts, the greater the likelihood that prices will decrease.

Nonetheless, I say screw ’em. War and politics aren’t all reasonable. Radley is right, “if the governmen must be an employer, it ought to do its own hiring and firing based on merit and merit alone. Everyone ought to have access to any job that’s funded by the taxpayers.” But, that does not mean the government should staff the Klan in the EEOC, or contract out our defense contracts to North Korea.

There are some who are with us and some who are against us. We should not be impartial in that.

[Update: To finish the thought] Radley is right, when the government employs, it should not discriminate against Americans. But it has, I think, the right to support those who support us and oppose those who oppose us. France, Germany and Russia wanted nothing to do with the war, so they should not now receive benefits. They had their contracts with the old regime — they propped it up against us. The chose poorly.

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