Tim Carney, writing for AFF’s


Tim Carney, writing for AFF’s Brainwash gives us this bit of delightful humor:

Dennis Kucinich took the stage. Kucinich, as usual, was the most exciting speaker. He brought the crowd to its feet promising FDR-style make-work programs for farmers. When the moderator asked him what Iowa would look like after eight years of a Kucinich Administration—a phrase strange enough to make even the candidate flinch—things got downright unreal.

He talked about his first trip around the Hawkeye State, the one where he realized the White House was his destiny, and how the mist was rising up from the fields after a rain. The former boy-mayor of Cleveland then saw something he had never seen before: “Rainbows, dancing from field to field. Rainbow Farms!�

He got weirder from there and ended by promising that under President Kucinich, we’d all see the dancing rainbows.

No other candidate went so far as to promise such a federal hallucinatory-drug benefit program, but they all promised to complete the farmer’s welfare state with new subsidies and anti-competition rules.

I bet Dorothy and Toto would vote for Dennis a/k/a Marvin the Martian.

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