Well the flaming power of God came out of the Ark. From Arkansas we only get the flaming egos of Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark. Clark’s New TV Ad Features Bill Clinton reports Newsday.

Clinton’s name is not mentioned, but it’s obvious that the footage is meant to align the retired Army general with the former president. It is one more example of how Clark’s campaign is embracing the similarities between the two men.

Dozens of former Clinton staffers are working on Clark’s campaign. It recently released a film about Clark’s life that was reminiscent of a film about Clinton and was made by the same person who produced that critically acclaimed piece. The two men’s early lives also have striking parallels, such as both having earned Rhodes scholarships to study at Oxford University in the late 1960s.

The campaign is spending $125,000, a moderate amount, to run the ad for a week on stations that broadcast into New Hampshire.

You and I both know that, to be polite, Clark’s camp gave Bill a heads up on this and Bill was perfectly alright with the idea. He realizes if he doesn’t act fast, Gore and Dean will have stolen the Democrat party apparatus from him and he will be back to Hillary’s party apparatus, which requires batteries, bending over, and other things this blog will not discuss [Ed — squeal like a pig, Bill] [Ed. — shudder]