“The Gore Curse”


Noemie Emery has a great look at Gore’s endorsement of Howie over at The Weekly Standard:

IN RETROSPECT, it should have been apparent that once Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean and his antiwar platform, and made an impassioned speech excoriating the war and the president, something big would go right in Iraq for the president, and Gore’s stock would go down. After all, the last time Al Gore made a well-planned-out plunge into the political maelstrom, it was also great news for George Bush. A little over a year ago, Gore blundered into the 2002 midterms, waving the bloody shirt of the Florida recount. Most of the people Gore stumped for lost; Bush pulled off a historic midterm victory. Gore then returned to his private endeavors. But not for too long.

In early December, perhaps tired of fiddling around with his liberal cable network, Gore emerged to bestow the kiss of death on his party’s frontrunner. As Andrew Sullivan presciently joked, “If that doesn’t stop the Dean campaign in its tracks, what will?”

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