Why is the Ark so fascinating? Because it is just about the greatest unsolved biblical mystery.

It is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible until Solomn builds the temple to house it. Then it disappears from the Bible with no mention. It just falls off the face of the earth, which suggests a conspiracy of divine proportions. To my knowledge the Ark does not reappear in the Bible until Revelations where John sees it in Heaven.

The questions are (1) Where did it go and (2) Why is there no reference to its disappearance unless God and the human writers of the Bible thought it best.

Considering what it could do (tumors, lesions, wiping out people, leveling mountains), there is no doubt a good reason the Ark has disappeared.

Biblically also, I think (and I’m no theologian) the earthy throne of God disappeared to make way for God’s own personal visit in the form of Christ.

Oh, and yes, I do take the Bible literally. I have no doubt that the Ark can do what the Bible says it did.