That’s Stupid


Okay, I can understand the so called “elected” Vice President lashing out at Dean because Dean got Gore’s endorsement, but the sub heading to this WaPo story seems ridiculous: “Senator Says Endorsement Runs Counter to Gore’s Views.”

Sorry Jumping Joe. If the endorsement ran counter to Gore’s views, he probably wouldn’t have made it. No. The truth is he needed you in 2000, because you were the furthest thing from Bill Clinton on the morality issue, and you’d help him with the Jewish voters in Florida and elsewhere. He really didn’t like you and everyone knows it.

Gore, my friends, has come unhinged and has decided to “let it rip.” In doing so, he’s helping Dean rip up the Clinton Democrat party. You just gotta love it.

As Rush said yesterday, Gore endorsing Dean two blocks from Clinton’s Harlem office is proof that God exists. This is too funny.

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