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What does it say about someone who goes to church all his life, professes to be a believer, and then jumps ship when something looks better. The New York Times reports that, while some are leaving the Episcopal Church, some are joining the church after its gay rights decision.

Some Episcopal parishes, meanwhile, are welcoming clusters of new members, many from Roman Catholic churches, who say they want to belong to a church that regards inclusivity as a Christian virtue. The newcomers include singles and families, gay people and straight people.

“I don’t see how and why God would want his church, his worshipers, his sons and daughters to become carbon copies of each other,” said Youssef El-Naggar, a former Catholic in Front Royal, Va., who recently joined an Episcopal church there.

Don’t you love that quote. God doesn’t want us to become carbon copies of each other. What does God want? I bet you this guy didn’t ask himself that. I bet he only asked himself what he wanted.

Well Mr. El-Naggar, God wants you to change, he doesn’t intend to change for you. So while you are out blowing in the wind, he will be standing fast against the tide of secularism. I’m going to bet that he’ll win.

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