I am not as religious as some and more religious than others, but regardless of where I stand, I truly hate the encroachment of secularism and trends into church. I thought we were suppose to change for God and not the other way around.

Tonight Christy and I attended Christmas Eve services with her family. The church is very large. The preacher is one of those poindexter types that doesn’t think we should say “God Bless America” because it is too exclusive. He thinks we should say “God Bless the World.” My wife points out that he roots for the Braves instead of the National League and American League.

This is also the guy who rarely uses the Bible for more than an introductory quote in a sermon. His sermons are more on the line of returning to the sacred instead of returning to God. Feel good messages from a feel good preacher who is so overcome with telling people to come to Christ no matter the path, that he ignores how Christians should lead their lives. One time he used as an illustration for a sermon the time that Christ “supposedly” drove a demon out of a man who was “supposedly” possessed. Does that not reak of modern day intelligensia. “Those ancient Hebrews, they just thought someone was possessed when it was just the flu. We know better nowadays.” Literal word it is not.

Surely salvation is the core of the message, but the Bible goes beyond “accepting Jesus.” Well, okay, that’s subject to debate. But, the Bible does go beyond just saying you accept Jesus. There are outward signs of an inward change. He never seems to preach on those things beyond the need to feel sacred.

Anyway, this all goes to tonight’s service. There is mass communion where everyone gets up and goes to the front. It’s a large church, people. This takes forever. Then there is the trite message about loving God. It’s a taste great less filling message.

What really bugged me, though, was the singer. He sang a song about a guy in World War I who was on the field at Christmas Eve when the Germans and English met in France. It was a beautiful song.

But, this day is about the glory of God. Unto us a child is born, a savior, a light in the darkness, a mighty God, a Prince of Peace. We should be at church to glorify Him. While some may say any sweetly Christmas music does that, I disagree.

I think that when the church starts letting in all manner of secular symbols and songs we start to worship Christmas and not the Lord. As much as the song was beautifully sung and played on the guitar, it had no Christian message, just a Christmas message. That left me disappointed.