Return Of The King


Well, Christy and I went to see LOTR:ROTK. It was outstanding. My complaints are the same as everyone else’s; (1) too many endings; (2) some cuts that were made in haste, i.e. jumping from Liv Tyler right to her dad’s (not Steve) face as he re-forged the sword; (3) it ended. I wanted it to go on.

Beauty of a movie.

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  • You forgot the worst part of all!! How could you forget the stinking, reeking drunk that I had to sit next to for 3 hours who kept pulling out beer after beer from the lining of his jacket. What trash!! These people should be banned from public events altogether. If you want to drink, go ahead. But if you smell so horrible that the rest of us are trying to use our jacket sleeves as air purifiers, you really should stay home and wait till you can rent the movie. Ugh!!

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