Remembering Dr. Biscet


Readers of Jay Nordlinger at National Review know the plight of Dr. Oscar Biscet. He has been imprisoned by Catro as an enemy of socialism. He has been placed in a jail cell with an abusive cell mate. He is not seen by family, friends, or clergy. Like other prisoners, he most likely is forced to wash his clothes in urine. He is not alone in his suffering. At Christmas, we should remember that crimes against humanity are not limited to the likes of Saddam and Kim. Castro, while praised by Democrats and Hollywood, is a butcher who should be chopped up with his own ax:

Reports from myriad human-rights organizations, as well as our own State Department, reveal that Castro’s Cuba remains a hybrid of the worst visions of Orwell and Kafka. The Caribbean gulag so beloved by the world’s elite is a land marked by suffocating conformity and deadly caprice. Its citizens are oppressed by a dictator fond of the game Solzhenitsyn called the Big Solitaire: No Cuban can be sure that he won’t at any moment be arrested, detained, or imprisoned for offenses rarely real, and usually imagined.

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