My Secret Santa ROCKS!!!


So I’m sitting at my desk when the reception calls and says a package has come in. What do you know, it’s from my Secret Santa. It’s a copy of Richard Brookhiser’s Founding Father about George Washington. Awesome!

My sister complains because no one ever knows what to get me because if I want something I buy it. It’s called being a guy. I was in Barnes & Noble the other day and saw that book. I thought I should buy it because I really have been wanting it and the odds were against anyone getting off my wish list at Amazon.

Of course then I heard my mother and mother-in-law yelling at me in my head that I should buy myself nothing until after Christmas because someone might get it for me. Whew! Glad I listened.

But, I’m still thinking of getting myself an iPod. I’m pretty sure no one else is going to shell out for that for me. I’m confident of that.

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