This is something I’ve written about before, but with BCRA decided, I think it is worth noting again. It’s my understanding that the Court decided there was no standing to consider the millionaires amendment, but given what they have done, no doubt they’d uphold it.

With the millionaire’s amendment, if someone contributes $1 million of their own money, the opponent gets to increase the amount they can collect from donors.

Logically, incumbents aren’t going to contribute $1 mil of their own money. They will have been furiously building a war chest for two to six years — something the amendment doesn’t consider — so they may have a $2 million stockpile for the election.

When their opponent, a guy making $300,000.00 a year pulls $250,000.00 from his savings and mortgages his house for $750,000.00, the incumbent will be permitted to double, per donation, the amount he is collecting.

So, the incumbent already starts out with a huge war chest. When the opponent tries to reach parity, the incumbent gets a new windfall.

That’s crap. That’s John McCain.