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From the American Spectator:

Howie Dean’s seeming desire to all but announce the selection of his cabinet before a single vote is struck or a straw drawn is irking quite a few in the Democratic establishment.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” says a former senior DNC staffer. “He was actually asking [Wesley] Clark to be his vice president months ago. That reveals either a remarkable level of hubris or a perception that the party is like some kind of third-rate organ, like the Greens or Perot’s operation. It simply isn’t done this way, but no one has had the nerve to put the man in his place.”

DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe has heard the complaints, but has insisted that it wouldn’t be right for him to get involved with such issues and pointers during a primary battle. His decision not to do so may come back to haunt him. “McAuliffe right now appears to be asleep at the wheel,” says the long-time Democrat. “We’re all beginning to doubt the wisdom of going along with Clinton and elevating him to head the party. This may have been over his head financially and politically.”

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