Martha You Cheap Tramp


Christy and I were standing in line at Michael’s last night. Yeah, that insidious store where 50 year old women in their neon colored jumpers with sparkly crap glued on and a flashy cubic zerconia (sp?) ring they think is a real diamond stand in line to buy fifteen fake carnations only to say, “I thought it was buy one get 14 free,” then bicker, and then right a check so slowly I age twenty years before we can check out. Use a debit card dammit!!!


Anyway, the 2003 Martha Stewart Living cookbook was on sale for $5.00. You know the one. It’s like the Southern Living cookbook with all of the recipes produced in the magazine for the entire year nicely bound in a hardback book with the recipes still arranged by month making them too damn hard to find.

It was $5.00. Nice cookbook too. We took it home and peeled off the price sticker to find the book had a printed retail value of $35.00! What’s going on. Christy and I speculate that Martha’s troubles are making the price drop. No doubt that’s hurting K-Mart’s restructuring.

Southern Living, for you left coast readers, is a most excellent magazine with great artery clogging recipes like fried green tomatoes and cheese grits. If you don’t know what a grit is, see “My Cousin Vinnie.”

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