I grew up in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Here is an interesting editorial from the Gulf News, one of the local newspapers, with some interesting quotes from Jimmy “All Things To All Despots” Carter.

Addressing the Geneva Initiative on Palestine on December 1, former US President Jimmy Carter said something which the world, particularly Muslims, have long believed but which no prominent American public figure dared to say publicly since 9/11. . . .

Carter was blunt in saying that courtesy the Bush Administration’s policies “the well being of the Palestinian people has been ignored or relegated to secondary importance.” Then came his punch line, at a meeting of the Israelis and Palestinians who prepared an alternative peace plan to the roadmap.

Carter said that “there is no doubt that the lack of real effort to resolve the Palestinian issue is a primary source of anti-American sentiment throughout the Middle East and a major incentive for terrorist activity.”

Yes, I see said the blind man. We are responsible for the attacks of 9/11. Because we don’t resolve the Palestinian situation, we get bombed. What great logic.

So, the Arab world hates us when we involve ourselves in their affairs. And the bomb us when we don’t involve ourselves enough in their affairs. Brilliant.