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Ramesh Ponnuru has a very important article over at In The National Interest. It is about an effort by abortion activists to coerce into international law abortion rights. You can find the article here. Ramesh begins:

The Center for Reproductive Rights says that it has suffered “irreparable harm” because of a leak. The organization is a leader among American legal activists committed to the right to abortion. Somehow, several internal memoranda about the group’s future direction made their way to an organization on the other side of the debate: The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. The memos have caused some political embarrassment to the center—and may cause more damage to it still now that an attempt to quash the memos has failed. The memos may also raise the political stakes in an emerging debate about international law.

The movement for legal and subsidized abortion in America has never had a particularly democratic character. Its signal victories have come through the courts. The Supreme Court in 1973 tossed out the laws of all fifty states to impose a more liberal regime in which abortion was permissible at any stage of pregnancy for any reason, and no state was allowed to legislate otherwise. In 2000, the Supreme Court held that states could not ban even partial-birth abortion, a type of abortion that a large majority of the public, and the governments of 30 states, rejected. The organizations that favor these legal outcomes were able to achieve them without having to win a social and political consensus for them—and without having to engage in the compromises that the formation of a consensus might have required.

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