William Rasperry has a column in today’s WaPo about Vieth. He seems to take the position that when the majority of people vote for democrats in a state, the Republicans should not be allowed to gerrymander politically.

Mr. Rasperry uses several examples of partisan gerrymandering: Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida. All of them have Republican majorities in the State Legislature and, at least Penn and Florida have a majority of voters who say they are Democrats. In Pennsylvania’s case, Mr. Rasperry ignores the fact that, though a majority of voters say they are Democrats, Pennsylvania has two Republican Senators and, until 2002, had a Republican governor.

Mr. Rasperry, highlighting the evil Republican attempts at gerrymandering, conveniently forgets Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, etc. where the Democrats gerrymandered to perserve their advantage. (Arguably California was incumbent protection and not party protection).

The fact is, there can be no constitutional standard for politics that can be justiciable. It will turn the courts into politicians — a line they already cross too frequently.