I have been pondering a


I have been pondering a long blog on whether Republicans should be worried about Dean. If you look at Rich Lowry’s cover story in National Review ODT (on dead tree as opposed to online), you’d see the confidence of the GOP and conservatives. But, I keep hearing from people in the know that Dean really is more centrist than he lets on. So, in pondering a blog entry, I came across this over at Real Clear Politics. I think it is spot on.

The majority of the nation doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass about the Democratic primary right now. But, it’s hard to avoid at least some discussion. And, all that is being discussed is how Dean = McGovern. He may not, but perception is what matters. When he scrambles back to the center, some of this leftist supports will crumble and some of the center won’t give him the time of day.

Republicans and independents, however, will still go vote for Bush.

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