I have been asked my


I have been asked my definitions for the above. They probably are not original, but as far as I know they are:

Liberal: One who believes anything goes and the government should subsidize the activity.

Libertarians: One who believes anything goes and the government should stay the hell away.

Leftist: A liberal who believes anything goes, but only if especially permitted by the government and overseen by a self-selected group of other leftists.

I’ll throw in Conservative: One who is like a libertarian, but believes there are certain things that should not be done because they’ve never been done and there’s probably a good reason for that, whether or not the reason is known. Therefore, if the thing is done, it should be done cautiously and slowly.

Yeah, I think it is almost harder to define a conservative than any other. Most would say a conservative likes the status quo, or wants no change. That’s not true. But, when change occurs, there should be (1) a reason and (2) slow movement toward the change.

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