I have always respected Orin


I have always respected Orin Hatch, but he strikes me as a weenie. He is an accomodationist who refuses to recognize that the Democrats are playing dirty. He gives in to their demands thinking they will do the same. They don’t. He does it again thinking the same thing. The Democrats still don’t. Then this story comes along. The press refuses to report it. Hatch boots a staffer and lets the Dems look at the Republicans’ files. He’s a weenie. Here’s what I’m talking about:

A young man in Washington is in danger of losing his job because of something The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page published, which prompts me to say, in his defense: He didn’t do it.

The young man works on the Republican staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee, where I hope Orrin Hatch is reading this. Sen. Hatch, the GOP chairman, is investigating the leak of Democratic strategy memos on President Bush’s blocked nominees to the federal appeals courts. The staff memos document the extraordinary influence of liberal special-interest groups on Democratic members of Judiciary. The Journal published excerpts on Nov. 14. (The full memos are available on the Web site of the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary.)

[emphasis added]

If the blogosphere wants to prove itself, this is a story that we can’t allow to die.

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