The Los Angeles Times reports:

The former mayor of this capital city was elected president of Central America’s most populous country today after full election returns showed him with a commanding lead.

Oscar Berger, 57, a center-right candidate backed by big business, had 54% of the vote, compared to 46% for his challenger, Alvaro Colom, 51, according to final results from the electoral commission.

The most interesting part of the article comes later, however.

Colom, a moderate former vice minister of economics and a factory owner who ran a negative campaign attacking Berger’s intelligence, conceded his loss this afternoon. Colom also spurned an offer to join the new administration. “We recognize Berger’s election,” Colom told reporters.

Note how the LA Times can’t bring itself to use the word liberal, even outside the United States. Also note how the liberal attacked the intelligence of the conservative. It is a small world after all.