Here’s an interesting review of religious conflict in France. It’s very interesting. At the bottom is a note on something else French:

Did she say “contraception”? The insistence by a French-Vietnamese woman that her unborn child had a right to become a French person threatens to throw the EU’s abortion laws into confusion. When a woman in a Lyons hospital found herself unable to communicate with a doctor who proceeded to terminate her pregnancy very much against her wishes, she sued on behalf of the dead child. A French court threw out her case, according to this BBC report, because the court figured the baby wasn’t a human being protected by law and could therefore be killed with impunity. The woman has taken her case to the European Court, a development that has Anne Weyman, of Britain’s Family Planning Association, alarmed. Her concern if the case goes against the doctor? “The implications would be that all methods of contraception apart from barrier and natural family planning could be affected.”