Okay, I was checking out Movable Type’s homepage looking at the list of most recently updated blogs. One called itself the “Pansexual Sodomite.” I clicked it. Here is a pearl of wisdom: “Family has become a code word for homophobic.” Brilliant in its simplicity, wholly baffling as to how someone could reach that conclusion and keep a straight face.

This, I think, is why the pro-gay marriage crowd will run into difficulty. It’s most vocal members are against the family structure that has existed since man first walked the earth. Enough ordinary Americans have an extraordinary sense of when something doesn’t sound right, that proponent of gay marriage who believe the family should be undone will suffer a backlash against the whole movement, however well intentioned advocates like Andrew Sullivan are.

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  • When I see “Family” on the web I think of “Focus on the Family” not Ward, June and the Beaver.

    Ah, Andrew Sullivan, the homocons and the Log Cabin boys …

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