USA Today has this article on children without health insurance. Here is a tidbit from the article:

Studies show that children without health insurance miss more school than insured children, and that their classroom performance is impaired. That could mean trouble for schools that face new federal mandates to improve the performance of all students.

Parents of sick, uninsured children also are likely to seek medical care through hospital emergency rooms and public clinics, even though they can’t pay for it. An increase in so-called uncompensated care will translate into higher prices for families with health insurance, health professionals warn.

Okay, let me be the jerk. These kids are still being seen by doctor. So it’s in an emergency room or a charity hospital. They are still getting treated.

My rates may go up a bit because some people can’t pay off the bills — though most could through a payment plan. If we stop treating illegal aliens like citizens with all the same benefits, that will cut some of the cost.

Further, what is the other solution? Universal health care? Yeah, that will keep costs down.

I’d rather pay for a few uninsured than make me give up my good insurance for government crap that raises costs, taxes, and denies prompt access to health care. See e.g. Canada.